Our motto is quality rather than quantity. This also applies to our partners and partner agencies. They are among the best in their field - all of them specialists supplementing our work to our clients' benefits. One of our specialities simulation business interactions in the car industry as well as the tourist industry. Many of theses simulations are webbased and thereby acccessibleto teams and individuals  at different times worldwide. For the tourist industry TOURSNET is a unique simulation offering options in selling techniques. It can be carried out in English or German. There are two variants: "personal tarvel/holidays" and "business travel".
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The use of analytic methods in psychology is not only a matter of trust but also needs to be continually evaluated. TTC-The Training Company works with the Biostructuranalysis/Structogram and the DISG-character-profile. The agency and every trainer is fully licensed in the use of these systems. Find out more about these methods by following the links below. If you should prefer the LIFO-method oder Insights MDI, we can also provide trainers with the required licenses.